E-Beam disinfection has significant advantages over traditional methods that are currently in use. 

The process is a quick switch on-switch off technology that does not use any radioactive materials, does not produce any radioactive waste, and is probably one of the most environmentally sustainable technologies since it uses commercial electricity. This technology can be used to treat material that is flowing through pipes or on conveyor belts.

Breaking down organic molecules such as benzene, an industrial solvent used in the production of drugs, plastics, and rubber and which is a known carcinogen, can require several treatments, known as digestions. By contrast, when you treat wastewater with an Electron Beam, the organics are oxidized and the microbial pathogens are inactivated. With the Electron Beam treatment, in one process you reduce a digestion from hazardous levels to trace levels that are benign.

Wastewater Treatment Diagram

Used alone or coupled with chemical oxidants such as chlorine dioxide and ferrate, E-beam is an effective disinfection technology with significant reductions of a variety of target bacterial and viral pathogens.