Our accelerator technology permits significant intensification of traditional chemical processes and stimulates chemical reactions that are difficult or impossible in conventional thermal chemistry.  



Belanday’s patented technology is superior to existing F-T GTL approaches because of the following factors:

  • Lower plant cost

  • One-time design for modules and reactor

  • Faster plant commissioning

  • Easier integration with existing facilities

  • Easily scalable from micro-plant to massive plant

  • Smaller footprint

  • Lower energy/operating requirement

  • Lower emissions

  • Lower environmental impact on deployment sites

  • Smaller investment means reduced risk

  • More suitable for remote locations

  • Applicable to solutions in water treatment

  • Modular investment options



Belanday’s GTL process has been tested and demonstrated over the past three years by recognized leaders in the electron beam accelerator industry through pilot programs that have confirmed Belanday to outperform other GTL systems in controlled test scenarios.

System specifications:

· Energy requirement: 0.6-1.2 Mev
Beam power: 400 kW
Beam current: 500 mA
Irradiators: 2-3 (130-200mA)
Double extraction window width: up to 2m
Discharge projection: effective
Scanning rate: high frequency